Wedding Preparation Tips

Once a couple is engaged, there are countless next steps to come. Planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s helpful to break a daunting task into smaller and more attainable steps. Check out these wedding preparation tips and set a plan, from researching the best way to become a notary in Texas to finding the perfect wedding location in southern California and everything in between.

Start Small

When it seems like there are thousands of questions that need to be answered, it can be extremely helpful to start by answering some over-arching questions and working from there. Something as simple as determining the expected size of a wedding can help take an event in a desired direction. Knowing the desired number of guests will determine estimates for catering and narrow down options for venues. Similarly, determining something as broad as the desired time of year for a wedding will help other decisions fall into place. Often, different seasons have wedding blackout dates, and venues are happy to share what those forecasts look like. With these two broad decisions, so many other smaller details can be confirmed.


While conversations about money can be uncomfortable, it is better to have them sooner rather than later. Hopefully, if a couple is at the point to be discussing the possibility of engagement, these sorts of discussions aren’t too difficult. Having a realistic budget, planning and working within that frame, and (if possible) leaving a little extra wiggle room in the budget for any unexpected costs that may arise.


The party applies both to the reception and the wedding party itself. While receptions don’t need to have an over-the-top or cheesy theme, it’s great to have an aesthetic in mind. When it comes to the wedding parties for the bride and groom, it’s okay to be a little selfish. This is a day for the best of the best, and with these wedding tips in place, that’s sure to be the case.