How To Set Up a Functional and Attractive Horse Arena

Whether you are setting up for a show or just want to practice some jumps, you want to set up the best possible arena for you and your horse. There are several things that can help make sure you get in a good day of riding in a safe manner. Keep reading to learn about setting up a functional and attractive horse arena.

Prepare the Ground

Having a safe substrate is crucial to ensuring that your horse has a good footing in the arena. You need a surface material that is soft enough to provide some cushion during hoof impact, yet sturdy enough to provide support. Anything that could be considered slick or slippery could potentially be dangerous for both your horse and you. Sand is very common in horse arenas, and most supply yards can get you a type that is suitable for your needs.

Maintain the Perimeter

Horse arenas come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, but they all have some sort of exterior boundary. Although it is usually a fence, berms or other markers can serve as the perimeter of your arena. Keep whatever you use regularly maintained to avoid any horses getting injured or wandering off if left unattended. This is especially important if you use the arena as a paddock for turnout.

Add Structures

Now that you have an arena, it is time to add some structures for whatever discipline you practice. Bridges and barrels are good choices for practicing maneuvers, while ground poles or jumps can help with agility. Don’t be afraid to make your supplies do double duty, either. The best horse jump cups will allow you to easily remove jump poles to use on the ground if you want.

Whether you plan to use it for personal use, lessons, or for a show, your arena is ready to go. Now that you have a highly functional arena, make plans to spend some quality time with your equine companion breaking it in.