Tired to feel constant tired

Tired to feel constant tired?

Tired to feel constant tired? Nowadays, people are often faced with emotional emptiness. We live in a very fast pace, we want everything fast: quick career, quick money, quick relationship … They do not think about their basic needs, often disappears the time devoted for the rest. Today, often dealing with people, we have heard the word – “I’m tired.” Sometimes it seems that it becomes routine – work to exhaustion, to complain about the lack of time, constant fatigue …

First of all I want to define what is fatigue. Fatigue is not a disease. We can speak about fatigue when a man, even rested more than 24 hours, still feel helpless, after a few days off still does not want to go to work. Moreover, fatigue can be caused by physical ailments: thyroid disorder, heart problems, blood diseases, diabetes. If a person feels constant fatigue, it is advisable to visit family doctor to make sure that there is no these diseases.

We live in a very fast society: looking for a quick relationships, used to fast credit, seek fast careers, want quick money. Often the quality is transferred to the background. And what happens when we constantly strive to implement quantitative targets? Unfortunately, our bodies fail to adapt to the progress of ideas … We become not happy about small pleasures, we do not see close ones, no more give time for ourselves, there is no time for the rest, people are afraid to relax … to keep pace. The body can not stand up tension and starts to give various signals. Often occurs burnout syndrome, especially in those professionals who directly serve the people or working in a positions of responsibility.

The rest must be opposite to the main business. If a person works in mental work, all day sitting at the computer – the rest must be active. When working physical work, rest should be calmer: reading, attending cultural events. For each man helps to relax different activity. It is important that the enjoyable activity that relaxes you, is conducted periodically at a fixed time. Then the brain will be ready and waiting until will be taken care of.  When working all week, at least one day must devote yourself to spend it the way you want.