Importance of vastu shastra- part 2

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1- Sharp objects should not be pointing towards the bed, like edges of the table or a wall corner.

2- The bedroom should not be gloomy or badly lit.

3- The amount of fresh air and natural light can be increased by keeping the blinds and curtains open during the day. At night, keep the room well lit until you are ready for bed.

4- Remove any clutter from the bedroom.

5- The bedroom should be decorated in an aesthetic manner and it should appear pleasing and welcoming.

6- Do not have an open mandir (prayer room) in the bedroom.


We all know that marriage is successful only with love and trust. But there are few more things which are important for a beautiful relationship and to make it fresh and special always. Here I would like to share some tips for a blissful marriage.

1- Keep fresh flowers in the room. The freshness and fragrance of flowers help in enhancing the feelings of love. You can also keep fruits, especially pomegranates, which is a symbol of fertility.

2– Make sure that wife should always sleep at the left side of the husband.

3- You can place a sculptures of a pair of love birds/doves or swans in the south-west direction to enhance love and romance in your marital life.

4- It is advised to use a double bed with single mattress. It is said that double mattress increases the chance of discord.

5- Always try to avoid paintings or wall hangings that symbolize negativity such as death, depression or violence. These types of painting should not be displayed anywhere in the house.

6- Always display those pictures and paintings which is associated with happy memories of the couple in south-west direction of the room. It is said to enhance companionship and trust between the couple.

7- You should avoid keeping all work related items such as computers, files and papers, etc. in the bedroom as these will distract your attention.

8- To bring spark in the marital life, one can keep a sculpture of a pair of white horse in the room.

9- You can attract love and romance by hanging a wind chime with a crystal in the south-west corner of the bed room.