Ways of happiness – a lot; find your own.

Happiness is a truly positive emotion, that manifests itself in different feelings – peace of mind, satisfaction, joy, inner harmony, equanimity…

I think everyone agrees that no one else so well can say what happiness is; only you can say, because you say how you understand it, what you want from the life. However, many of us live, dream, behave by the other ones developed script, even without feeling it. Did you notice that?

Many values are created of the environment, rather than our own. Is happiness – the beauty, new house, money, status, marriage, a lot of friends, a career? Is that really so important for you? What if the purpose of the life is just a simple desire to be happy. It is very likely that many generally would like that life was a little less “irritating” and with more feeling of happiness.  Instead of rushing to live, we should survive every moment without exceptions, without postponing anything for tomorrow, or for the day when there will be more money, bigger house, a new car, and similar.

Is it so hard to believe that inner peace can be discovered with no big money, beauty, career and other happiness synonyms of the society? Or, if you really want success, start to do what allows you to be yourself and live happiest possible life. If everyone around you started to do something, do not rush to do it yourself also.  Think about what the trace you will leave behind yourself  if you live not a happy life? Ways of happiness – a lot, and you have to find your own.  Any kind of thing, pleasant for your heart, can give a great bunch of good emotions. Only you  yourself know what you want , what is happiness for you, no mater what others say.