Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I call myself AllAboutAmarillo, here but my name is Don. I’ve only lived in Amarillo, Texas for a couple of years but it took me a lot of searching to find a city within which I feel at home.

And I think Amarillo is a city worth sharing with the world.

It’s an interesting place to live. The crime rate isn’t too terrible. I mean, we have some issues but it isn’t exactly “Gotham” and I walk the streets at night, safely enough.

Amarillo, Texas is a global player of a city, yet, there’s still a bit of a “small town feel” to it. Strangers still talk to each other and most of the younger folks here still hold doors open for most of the older folks.

You’ll still hear “yes sir” and “no ma’am” used here, along with “please” and “thank you.” (And we all know those still matter.)

Business here is good. Companies of all types are hiring people of all types. For the most part, folks here are fairly accepting and friendly to others who aren’t too difficult.

The City of Amarillo has some dualities. There are glorious points and a dirty underbelly, both. I intend to share them both, too, with you.

The history here, our achievements, our struggles and, a universe of “little things” and un-sung heroes are what I want to share with you. I’ll leave much of the dry demographics and statististics to the reference sites.

There are some amazing restaurants you might want to know about. There are some epic struggles I want you to know about. There are stories here just begging to be told.

I just hope, I can do it all in an entertaining and engaging way.

To my readers: Where do you hail from? Tell me about your city in the comments below.