Have you ever tried these extensions in google chrome?

Hi guys. It’s just 3.33am in India. Its been a great day and night for me. i met lorraine even today on facebook.  I wrote this post to tell you some useful extension that google chrome has in its store. I don’t know how much of you know about it, but it is really awesome and you should try them.

1)Ad block

Ad-block is one of the best extensions available in chrome store. Ad-block enables you to save your internet data while surfing along the internet. Being a regular user of PTC sites, i am not using it. But if you just wanted to remove unwanted ads on websites you like, it’s the best alternative. It blocks every adds in a page. But if you use PTC sites like me, never try it. It’s gonna disappoint  you.


There are many kinds of translators available in chrome store.  I personally used those translators. It delivers very accurate information for sure. Here is how it works

First of all, go to settings of the extension and choose from and to language.

Then press ctrl button and select using the mouse the leave the control button. Your text will be automatically converted. this is the fastest way to transilate text. i found it while i chat with Brazilian chicks.


now, This is the biggest deal. If  you are a writer, it’s surely gonna help you. ginger is a software which automatically finds spelling errors and gramatical error in a post. Its displays a blue line over sentences which has problem. While moving the mouse and placing above the coulour, it displays what the mistake is. being a writer, it had helped me alot. Now its the time for you guys to test it and change your destiny.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day my friend.