Ways to look good in pictures- part 1

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Today i want to share something which means really a lot to this young generation. Everyone wants to look god in pictures because nowadays clicking selfies and pictures has become a very important part in youngster’s life.

Some peoples also use words like ‘photogenic’ who are obsessed for pictures. Some people are there who exactly don’t know how to act in front of camera. They also complain that ‘my pictures doesn’t look good’ and hence they always try to stay away from flash. So specially for these type of people, i want to share some tips which will help you look good in pictures.

1- THE SLIMMING STANCE- The way of you standing matters a lot about you figure. How you stand can add and subtract many pounds of weight. So its very important to look at your standing positions. If you stand with your hips shoulder width apart, your weight on your back foot, and your front leg slightly bent, you’ll create an instant slimming effect.

2- DON’T SQUARE YOUR BODY- Standing straight in front of camera doesn’t make sense at all. Turn you body to 3/4 or side faced can make you look half as you actually are. Specially if you are in a group picture, always stand with your side faced body.

3- FOREHEAD FORWARD, CHIN DOWN- This you can do to be photogenic. Doing this will add more grace to your face. Even if you don’t have double chin to hide, doing this will make you look attractive. Also try to squint your eyes slightly.

4- ARMS OUT- You must have seen celebrities on red carpet doing this and this adds a new definition to their personality. Keeping your arms away from body makes your body looks thinner. Make your arms away from your body and hug you torso.

to be continued…….