Ways to know if your partner really loves you!!

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Finally i am back after a long time, just because i saw many of the members are now active. So i thought to be active again and here i am to share some exciting posts.

Lets start with relationship. Relationships are really very important in everyone’s life and every partner wants that his/her partner loves them like anything so its really important to know that how to know that your partner loves you a lot. So today i am going to share some ways from which you can understand the love of your partner for you.

Here are some ways to know about the love of your partner for you. They are-
1- They make the bed themselves even when you don’t ask them to do.
2- They give you foot massage while you sit alone and watch tv.
3- They serve you breakfast or tea on bed before you wake up.
4- They will know what you need without saying a single word.
5- They will always be prepared for you when you return home tired.
6- They take interest in your fashion choices.
7- They try to make little compromises to make you feel comfortable.
8- They will leave small love notes for you to make you feel special.
9- They call your family members to make you happy.
10- They try to cook for you, your favorite dishes.

11- They make effort to hangout with your friends, even if they don’t like them.
12- They make your toothpaste ready before you go for brush.
13- They present you gifts even when there is no occasions.
14- They provide you alone time when you need it even without saying.
15- They always compliment you even if you are on bed.
16- They let you listen your favorite songs and also joins it.
17- They feed you from their hands.
18- They try to do little favors for your family members.
19- They give you medicines and water when you are sick.
20- They hold your bags when you come from shopping.
21- They send you texts just to make you realize that they are thinking of you.