Is It Enough Motivation? Enough Incentive? Enough Umph?

Well I just received the news, although I think I was a little bit late, that the new redemption limit has been lowered to five dollars, which of course made me happy to hear.  I did feel that it has been one of the major flaws of some of the other writing sites that we have all seen come and go, rise and crumble.

I hope it works.  If it is easy enough to attain then I can see a lot of writers more willing to get on board and begin sharing their thoughts with all of us again, which in the end is the ultimate goal, right?  Well maybe not for some, but hopefully it is for most people.

I do know that I miss having a steady platform to write for and steady users to communicate with.  I have seen some of them come and go and be on different sites, all trying their luck.  It is just like we all need somewhere to land safely and then all will be well.  I thought that we did have just that  a couple of different times in the past, only to once again be disappointed over and over and left in the dust just like everyone else.

So, I think for me the answers is a tentative yes on the issue on whether or not the motivation or the incentive is enough.  I hope that it proves worthwhile to think so.   I am sure that everyone is aware than it takes a little monetary motivation to get people to do most anything, and writing is no different.

In the end, who knows though.  We will just have to wait and see.  It is just like anything else.  It is never a bad thing to hold onto a little hope though.