Visit Kentucky: Bardstown

Bardstown, Kentucky is located in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Bardstown was voted one of the most beautiful small towns in America.  It is a title that the town has definitely earned.

Bardstown was the home town of Stephen Foster who penned the Kentucky state song, “My Old Kentucky Home.”  It is thus the location of the My Old Kentucky Home state park.  In the town of Bardstown you will also find a fine estate called Wickfield. Wickfield was the home of three Kentucky governors.

The historic district of Bardstown is full of some of the most beautiful homes that you will ever find anywhere.  Lawns are perfectly manicured and shade trees line the streets.  Walking down one of these streets is like walking back in time.

Main Street is really quaint with small specialty shops and restaurants.  Shop keepers take real pride in making their spaces beautiful.   The old Talbot Tavern in the center of town is amazing and makes the whole visit worth it.

Another big highlight that we enjoyed was the Old Bardstown Village.  The weather during our visit was cold and rainy so we did not take the full tour but we did get some great photos.  It is on our list of places for a second visit.

Bardstown is the home of several Bourbon distilleries, including Jim Beam and Four Roses.  It is also the home of Heaven Hill and several wineries.  Right down the road in Loretto you can find the Maker’s Mark distillery.  Bardstown is considered to be the trailhead of Kentucky’s famous bourbon trail.

The beauty and ambiance of Bardstown as a whole was not lost on us!  The whole town was charming and if you ever get a chance to visit, take the time to take everything in.

As for our visit, the weather, as I said earlier, was cold and rainy.  We still enjoyed it immensely and hopefully we will be able to visit again some day when “the sun shines bright on our old Kentucky Home.”