Starting a Homestead

For some, the city can be too bustling, traffic too loud, and prices too high. If this sounds like you, then you might be interested in striking out on your own and becoming self-sustainable. Living far away from the noise and congestion of a big city. You might want to become a homesteader. Before you start researching quick connect tractor attachments, though, take a moment to consider what homesteading is and how you can ease yourself into it.

First Steps

Instead of suddenly moving your family to cabin in the woods without electricity, you can pick up one or two tasks you’ll need to go off-grid that you can do in your current home. A popular first step to homesteading is to start raising chickens for their eggs (or their meat). You can build a chicken coop in your backyard and get accustomed to the work it takes to keep your food source alive and healthy.

If you feel like that’s a big responsibility to take on, then practice another area of homesteading. Try using your fireplace instead of the heater in the winter, or cancel your internet package and get used to living without some of your electronics.

Big Steps

As you become accustomed to this new style of living, make sure you are also researching what skills you’ll need to be an effective homesteader. Once you know what it takes, you’ll have to list your priorities for the new life. Maybe living without electricity is too extreme for you or sourcing 100% of your own food is too time consuming. Set out guidelines of how you’d like to live and then start searching for properties that meet your needs and wants.

Remember that homesteading laws vary from state to state, so be sure you research what is and isn’t legal in your state or the state you want to move to.