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Travel Tips For Tourists In The Philippines

The Philippines is a famous travel spot for those who love the outdoors.  The country is known to travelers who seek beaches like the sands of Boracay or scenic vacations spots like the Mayon Volcano.  Swimming with the whale sharks in Donsol or a marvelous dive in Bohol.  All these are great adventure to tourists visiting the paradise known as the Philippines.  But there are important reminders for everyone in order to enjoy their stay here.

Make Travel Plans

This is an essential step in discovering the Philippines while keeping our budget in check.  Of course winging it out is an option but planning your itinerary can help you find the most cost effective choices.  Hiring a travel planner can be quite expensive.  But you can do this on your own.  With numerous travel sites and travel bloggers out there, you can get the needed information before you take the plane.  The important part here is to know where you are going and know what you are doing.

Do Proper Travel Packing

Let’s make this simple, the Philippines is a tropical country so you can leave your snow shoes behind.  What you may need include light cotton shirts and comfortable trousers.  Flip flops are acceptable but rubber shoes can be more comfortable especially when you will do a lot of walking.  Do not forget to bring medicines especially for your tummy.  Some local cuisine can take a toll on your digestion.  Plus around 50% of travelers experience traveler’s diarrhea.  With that said, make sure to bring with you some bottled water.  Don’t worry, there are convenience stores here where you can stock up on some bottles.  Do not forget your sun block as it gets hot here.  And surprisingly, you may want to bring an umbrella.  There are two seasons here – wet and dry.

Safety For the Travel Enthusiast

It is prudent to keep your valuables in your hotel.  Plus, never bring large bundles of cash when you go out.   Always tell someone especially back home where you plan to go and when you will be back.  Likewise, it would be prudent to know places where you can get assistance  like police stations and hospitals.

I have yet to explore many places in the Philippines.  And there are new great spots for those who like an adventure.  To travel in the Philippines is to enjoy the fusion of nature and the modern amenities.  Likewise, it is a mix of nature and of the city life.  Whatever you may want to have a great travel experience, you are sure to find in here in the Philippines.