Let New Year begin out right

To many hands inside of the cookie Jar

Every hear that term? Our country is in trouble. Government creating new laws that is not according to God’s laws. Removing prayer out of schools, Ten commandments out of government building, National Anthem may not maybe sang at the Superbowl,

God’s country, God’s laws. Man will destroy what they build because man wants to follow the worldly ways and not be obedient to God’s laws. In God we Trust, God Bless America. I am proud to be an American Holiness Christian, a Child of God.

I don’t get involve in politics or religion.  I am not a religion person or do I like religions. I consider myself a Christian and will only serve and bow down to One God. God of the universe, The great Creator, Christians have to stand together and be counted.

Money is the root of all evil.  The bible says, it is easier for a rich man to go through an eye of a camel than through the gates of heaven.  Get realistic, when life is ended and you take your final breath all material things that one has worked so hard for is left behind. The only thing that is left in your casket turns to ashes. All is left is a shell of your bones.

Sure, I am not gone to say I would love to walk into a store and buy whatever I want. There is a big differences between wanting something and actual needing something.  God knows we need food, water, housing, clothing, shoes, money to be able to pay our bills.

Does God love rich people, sure he does. He has blessed many in the bible with riches.  Be rich and wise. I pray for to be rich and wise.  God has been so good to my husband and I for he provides all our needs and for this we are very grateful for His mercy and love.

Observing and listening to the news of many stories where people were rich and famous they have spend their riches foolishness. I have did research on fund raising, what I have read through my research and surveying a few people within my own town they have agree that the low income people gives more to charity than the rich.

Christians needs to start praying about the coming presidential elections. Don’t  put it off until the last second before you start seeking God for who, to choose to vote for.

Christians are commanded to come together as one and pray for our country and our leaders.  God don’t want us just to come to him in prayer, He expects us to act on our prayer to whom to vote for. Elections in the United States are very vital to the future of our country.   Thank God for His wisdom and His guidance of direction  for whom we choose to vote for.

Thank God for giving us the guidance and wisdom to declare the Name of Jesus and declare that this shall be God’s Will and be a God indwelt, God ordained, God overseen administration.   To many hands in the cookie jar can cause controversy,  conflicts, greediness, selfishness, temptation to fall into sin.

Christians take a stand in your ground and go and registered, pray before making your final vote. Christians we all have to come and stand together one Nation Under God and be counted. Pray for America and American’s healing. Don’t be one of the Christians who is silent, speak up and be heard!