Benefits of Coconut- part 1

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The coconut tree, which also titled as ‘kalp vriksha’, provides a nutritious source of food and drink such as fruit, milk and oil which are extensively used in Indian cuisine. Coconut contains a lot of nutrients like Vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, which provides wide range of health benefits. Well this functional food has been also widely used in traditional medicine. Today i want to share some health benefits of coconut.

1- IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEART- Coconut is an excellent food for people suffering from high blood pressure, because it is low in sodium and high in potassium. As coconut contains no trans fats and are gluten-free, they are loaded with high amounts of dietary fibre, and good for your heart. Coconut not only improves the cholesterol level in your body, but also protects your arteries from damage.

2- IT HELPS IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT- Coconuts are not only tastes good, but also very rich in fibre and low in calories, which means that they make you full faster, and in turn beat hunger pangs. It also helps in increasing your metabolic rate and hence promoting weight loss. It helps preventing obesity and also it is related heath complications.

3- IT AIDS IN BETTER BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL- As i have said earlier that coconut contains fibre, and this helps in slowing down the release of glucose into bloodstream which in turn lowers the blood sugar levels and controls other complications caused due to diabetes. Coconut also helps in reducing the amount of strain on the pancreas, helping them function optimally.

4- IT PROTECTS AGAINST INFECTION- Coconuts are loaded with a myriad of healthy nutrients which boosts immunity and keeps diseases at bay. Coconuts also have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that help protect you from a wide range of infections and support your overall immune functions.