Benefits of basil- part 2

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Here i would like to continue my topic for the benefits of basil.

1- The cause of stress is hormones and the resulting imbalance. When you are stressed, the levels of hormones like cotisol increase, which affects various part s of body. in this condition, basil leaves are very much effective. It restores the balance of hormones. They soothe the nerves, regulate blood pressure and improve circulation. It also helps in removing free radicals, which are produced during stress. People who have stressful jobs can chew about 12 leaves of basil twice a day to get rid of stress naturally.

2- The content of powerful antioxidant property of basil makes it a part of remedies for a healthy heart. Adding to it, basil also helps in controlling blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels. So to get rid of these problems, you only need to chew a few leaves of basil on an empty stomach daily.

3- Basil is a great diuretic apart from a potent detoxifying agent. These both the properties are great for the kidneys. The basil leaves helps in reducing the uric acid levels in blood and purifies it. They also contain acetic acid and some other compounds that are capable of breaking down kidney stones. To get rid of stones, you can drink the juice of basil leaves mixed with honey, daily for six months.

4- Basil has also been a great remedy for breast cancer and oral cancer. Antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic properties of basil helps in slowing down the progression of breast cancer and oral cancer which are caused due to chewing tobacco. Some compounds in basil are known to restrict the flow of blood to cancerous tumors.

5- Basil also possesses immunomodulatory properties. So, if you take basil leaves on a regular basis, you will be able keep cold and viral infections away from you. People suffering from an infection can benefit from it as well. Sine basil suppresses the cough centre, reducing the amount of cough and helps expel phlegm from the chest, it has long been included in the list of natural remedies providing instant relief from cough and cold.