The use of PS4

Hello everyone, today I want to show you some opinions of using PS4 (PlayStation 4).

Some people say that it is not good to use PlayStation 4 as it wastes too much time, which can be spent doing other stuff which is much more important than just playing.

But the opinion side of using the PlayStation is that it can help you to relax before/after an important thing that you are going to do/you did.

It is very fun to meet new friends and play games from so many categories for example Sports, Gaming, Education, Science-fic and many more!

I personally think that playing on the PS4 is a positive thing to do, but it can be bad if you find you are spending too much time on it and give up on other things which are necessary.

The most played games on the PS4 are:

FIFA 16: A game which contains all the teams in almost all the leagues in the world. It also includes international teams like: Germany, Argentina, Colombia and many more!

A cool thing in FIFA 16 is that you can build up your team and buy/sell players in order to earn money in FIFA 16 and buy better players and make your dream team.

You can also play multiplayer games with you friends for example 2vs2 games and more.

Battlefield 4: This game has the most amazing graphics in the world!

There are 10+ game modes which you can play for example: Capture the flag, conquest, rush..

The game mode which I like the most is “Rush”, because it causes you to view many opponents players because they need to arm a bomb which is located in your base.

Your mission as a defender is to defuse the bomb that the enemies try to arm.