When deciding to move to another state we never knew that we would encounter or what problems might arise moving to a state we knew nothing about. Receiving a text message from one of your children that they were being hurt and abuse, I don’t wish it on any parents receiving the message we received on August 3, 2008.

After receiving the message we felt as our daughters parents to be pick up and move down south to be near her and when we arrived we hope she would fill us in what really happen. My husband and I was not aware what kind of problems that may have arise when we drove the seventeen hours to the location where our daughter lived. She met this young man online and it wasn’t even a month that she decided to move in with the man along with her daughter that she had to another man. We were just praying that all would be okay and daughter and granddaughter was safe.

My husband and I started selling things in our home to raise up the funds to help pay for the gas, the moving van for us to be able to get on the road and to be near our daughter and granddaughter as quickly as we could. We raise the funds we needed to move down south. We hopped in the moving van along with a trailer to be able to take our vehicle with us so we have a vehicle when we got down there and we wouldn’t be stranded without no car. After the seventeen hours being on the road stopping for breaks, we finally arrived to our daughter’s home. We didn’t know what to expect to see. We were tired and exhausted from the long drive. We asked our daughter if we could take a shower and we will catch up with chatting later that she would give us an update.

Fortunately, part of what our daughter said in the test message was true, then there were parts that was like a puzzle to us. After we showered, rested we sit down to have a long conversation with her to ask her to explain the text message she send to us. The text message she sent in her own words, “Mom, the fighting is getting worse, I am afraid he is gone to kill us one day. I don’t think I can ever forget those words, like I mentioned above I don’t wish on any parents to ever receive a text message from their child or children of one that day daughter sent me. I fear for her life, I was concern.

Upon our arrival and after we got all settled in we paid for an apartment to get our daughter and granddaughter away from this monster. Two weeks now residing down south helping our daughter with the funds with another apartment she went right back to the man who physically, emotionally, mentally abused her. Ended up getting pregnant to him not with one child but two. We moved into our new rental property that was cross the road where daughter and granddaughter lived. I can’t even understand after all we have done for her she crawled right back to his arms. She started disrespecting us, treated us like dirt. Three years husband and I took this abuse, she ended up abandoning us leaving us stranded in a state we were not familiar with. Daughter and now husband was evicted from not paying rent for the two years that they moved in to this double wide trailer from the time they received the eviction noticed. She left a bad taste in the community and the landlord she rented from. Moved down to Virginia, moved in with his father.

August 4, 2011, husband and I decided to move back to our home state and we haven’t spoke to our daughter since. Though we thought we made define plans, daughter who we thought would help us during our time living down south it turned out to be southern nightmare. Because daughter and her husband had made black marks in the neighborhood and caused so much chaos with the neighbors it made it hard for us to continue to live down south in the small community so we had yard sales and again had to sell things to raise the funds for us to move back to our home state. It turned out that our daughter manipulated  us  con us with her lies and deceit to make us think she was in severe danger but all she wanted was to get away for a week or two from this man she stated to take a break. Her being a mother herself placing her own daughter life in danger and her well being by staying with this man.

Last update I heard they had moved back to Georgia, some how, some way with her and her husband who she met online on a dating website called-Plenty of Fish have manipulated his mother to use her money to buy them a piece of land with two trailers on the land so they are doing much better I was told but cannot believe it.  Moving back to our home state it has taken awhile over time to heal from that awful southern experience.  Since being back in our own state over the years we’ve started noticing improvements in our lives since we don’t have the stress or the chaos from our Adult children.  No need to be dwelling on the situation of what happen down south when we lived there for the three years, all I know I have learned from that experience and the trust between my daughter and my husband and I she has proved we can no longer able to trust her in her judgment and decisions or what she says.

What that we might make a differences in sharing our testimony in hopes to help other parents who may have similar problems with their Adult children. We will continue to pray for our Adult children that God will open their eyes as well as open their hearts and bring a conviction upon their hearts and might make a differences in teaching our Adult children in hope of an eternal home where sorrow won’t even exist.