What Do Horoscope Say About You!

Horoscope or astrology  is a subject that fascinates me. How somebody can know much about you using stars and planets is far much beyond my reason. How can the horoscopes be connected to the day you were born?


In the bible, the astrologers using the horoscope were the first ones to know about the birth of Jesus. The stars led them to the exact place where baby Jesus was born in a manger. The birth would have gone unnoticed were it not to the discovery of these horoscope readers. The horoscope can tell much about you. They know using the zodiac signs, where you are coming from, your achievements and what you are yet to achieve.


I was in one of this writing sites where you were to join sites to increase your earning. One of the sites I joined was one that could read horoscopes. I joined it to increase my earnings in the site rather than for determining my future. Yet I soon got hooked and was reading and discovering myself in the horoscope. But something seemed to be the problem. The predictions for me were all wrong. It was as if I was not born in the zodiac sign I claimed to be born in. I doubted my mum. Yet I could not fit in the other signs though. I was unique and my astrologer acknowledged it. She wanted to give me charms to open my future but I declined. What do the horoscopes say about you?


Do  you believe in the zodiac? How does it predict your life? Please kindly tell me what the horoscope say about you. Do the lucky numbers they provide assist you? This happens to be a delicate subject that I want to learn much about. I need somebody who can guide me on the horoscope.