The Protagonist of Life

On one hand where the sudden change in the atmosphere can result in rainstorm to the dry +Spell affected zone, on the other can be motivation to flooding in an evading town. Perhaps this is the reason where a few +People are celebrating with their +families, there are numerous starving for +Nourishment some place on this planet.

We can’t control this inexorable law yet can doubtlessly figure out how to win over its negative +Perspectives and +Appreciate the charming features it brings along. We should do nothing more than stay smooth and develop an inspirational +State of mind towards whatever approaches in our lives. We may not wind up being somebody who has all that he ever longed for or the person who has accomplished all that he yielded onto and battled for however… will most likely be somebody who is HAPPY. So mates, get each and every thing which you have today and continue changing.

Life teaches us many things and those thing we teach to our child when he grow old. things will not change until us want change in your life. Life is very simple try to be happy and help other. Other will help you when you need help. Life is on going process, someone come to your life, she/he will love you, he/she will leave you without any reason and this will hurt you even more.
Life never give second chance to those people who cant give a chance to other people. Some people break trust but at the end everything is going to be fine. Love your self and respect those who are in your life. Time is not going to come back.. So live your life at full.