Cars that you love and Cars you hate

Have you ever had a car or truck you love and maybe still have or a specific make and model you prefer over others. When I first met my husband he had a Buick Special and a Little Nash Rambler. with over drive and push buttons. It burned oil as most ramblers had a tendency to do but it sure could get up and go.
I thoroughly fell in love with Ramblers as a car except for one that seemed to have a jealousy complex personality when it came to my husband driving her. As a result we named her Marsha as in Martian. When hubby drove her she purred like a kitten and behaved. If I drove a mirror would fall off, emergency brake broke or the clutch would go out or some other thing me with a load of groceries and kids. 30 miles from home. Never failed. But except for Marsha all the other rambler’s worked like a charm and I had an infinity for them. I was sad when American Motors sold out and stopped making them.
His bane is and was Fords. They gave him many a problem and headache and me as well. Always having to make some repair or another. Hubby works on all my vehicles and his. He is very mechanically minded but does not always like to have to mechanic.
Another best car was the ugliest car we ever drove but boy it got you from point A to B and never quit we bought it when our son wrecked our family car in 1990 an ugly green with some mottled white from being on the sea coast It was a 1978 Datsun Wagon 510 and we sold her 7 years ago and she is still running a friend of ours bought her.
I also liked an Audi we had and got second hand (All our cars have been second hand used cars) The Audi could get up and go too and we owned it for 22 years before it finally quit.
My husband loved a little Honda Accord that our son Jeremiah first owned and he had it for 7 years but it finally quit too when he had to drive super fast one morning enroute to work because two vehicles one towing a trailer flat bed tried to cut him off and steal his car he got away from them. Called the police on his cellphone and got to work and home but it did damage to the engine sadly he sold it for parts. I had a Jeep I loved for 10 years and it was a good car too, but started having too many fix me problems finally. Sold it as well as hubby did not have time then to fix it.
I have had 3 Buicks the first was the Special 1956 nice little car we had for 20 years finally we sold it to my brother who needed a car as I liked my rambler better. Then a big 8 passenger Buick Wagon deluxe we had for 9 years until the transmission went out. Hubby was in school as were kids so we got another Datsun for me to drive then Which was totaled when my younger son drove it and got in accident.
Now I have me a nice Buick Regal Limited which I really love and the other cars we have are 1980 Toyota Pick up that goes and goes got it in 1993 and a Toyota Privia Van 7 passenger and my husbands Toyota pick up a 1994 he had a Toyota van until he was it by another drive April 2014 and totaled his van it was a good 8 passenger got 30 miles to the gallon. We have loved Toyota since we got the old 1980 Pick up and it is our main car of choice now that or Buick