The Neighbor Is Renovating…Arrgh!

For the past several days our home has been entertained by hammering, drilling and a lot more of hammering.  Home renovation is of course important.  But the noise it makes is just awful.  Worse of all is that we have small kids at home who want to get some afternoon nap time.  Unfortunately, the constant noise is their lullaby for the next few days.

Being a good neighbor

We have been neighbors for over twenty years now and we have’the been in any arguments or problems.  They are actually nice.  They look after our house whenever we are away and we do the same in return.  We even feed each other’s dogs when one of us goes away for a few days.  It may be a bit of trouble having them renovate their home.  But I guess we can endure a little of this noise.  After all, when it is time for us to make some renovations I expect the same courtesy from them.

A classic case of give and take among neighbors

one of the most important relationships we have in our community is with our neighbor.  Having them is practically a given unless you live in an isolated place.  Being able to accommodate some quirks or in this case the noise is something we have to endure.  Of course there is a limit to everything.  And it is great that my neighbor knows and respects the limits.

Creating a stronger society requires the ability to communicate and relate with other people.  It is true that some take more effort to get along with while others are quite easy.  But the fact remains that our neighbors are part of our immediate sphere.  Having a positive relationship with them is paramount.

Compared to the neighbors in our other house, they are hundreds of times better.