Old Age Showed Up, And I Am Enjoying It

Although we may never think that we will ever get old, it does happen.  And as a person who has recently become seventy years old, it does not come without some problems.  It seems as if new pains may come daily, with or without reason or at least any that we understand.  I am very fortunate as my health is pretty good but I do force myself to take a daily walk.  The walk provides two beneficial functions, one being non evasive physical exercise and the other is that I feel as long as I keep bombarding my mind with events, colors, saying hello to people, etc., I am fighting to keep my mind alert.  So far it is working and I think that it is most important for us older people to keep some level of physical activity.

Having a leisurely pursuit is also an attribute to enjoying our older age.  My favorite hobby is creative cooking.  I have to use the word creative because I do not use cookbooks.  I know what I want to make and usually can figure out a way to prepare it.  I can make dishes now from many different countries.  As a chef or even cook’s helper, I would probably be fired, but I am doing it for my enjoyment and for that of my neighbors.  I happen to live in Thailand and for a country that does not eat bread very often, I always seem to find a few of my Thai friends peeking in the window when I am pulling a loaf or two out of the oven!  Thai’s are not overly fond of cheese either, but when I make macaroni and cheese, I just set a pan outside on the “community” table and it does not last very long.