The Last Shuttle? a fiction



Albert released his harness and flowed out of the set. The liftoff had gone as usual, some of the people had fainted, some had gotten sick and puked in their helmets. Which was nothing strange, there just was not enough time to get them accustomed to the stress of blastoff.

He moved through the cabin, checking on anyone that the service crew had missed. The children had handled it better than the adults. This was all fun for them, they flowed around the cabin, bouncing off of everything. While their parents just tried to cope.

He had been running these shuttle transports for five years. Once a week, to and from the Moon Base. Moving people to be transported to their new homes. Basicly evacuating Earth, to Mars, and the Moons of other Planets. Habitats had been developed for more years than most of the people on Earth had been alive.

This was the last flight, there would be no more. Earth was dying, and all the people that could be moved had come to an end.  Albert looked out the port, at Earth, the brown haze covered most of the continents. The only place the oceans were blue was just in the middles. But that was slowly being polluted by the currents washing the slug and trash across the oceans.

This was the last of those who had been chosen. All of the people that were left, would soon be dead.

To Be Continued

I do hope you enjoy my stories, I will be placing several on each day.  This one will be a continuing Epic Space Adventure. I am not sure just how long it will be. I may work into a book. If the response is good here. Thank you for your patience, and again, I hope you enjoy.