Hello friends welcome me to this site

Good evening my friends and I am pleased to inform you that I have joined this site just now and hope to share many things that’s comes in my life and other important things also that may be come across to me.

I am from India and I am writing for Offline Journal as well as Online for some writing sites.

Any way for your information I had written the articles on many online sites where I have earned some good amount from some sites in the beginning  but later one those sites started reducing the payout and some site even stop paying the members giving lots many excuses for the members.

Being new I knew to this site and understanding the site is also new we all have to work hard by submitting some quality write up plus we must invite our friends who are interested in writing online  so that there will be more veteran writers on this site who will share their views in form of articles to us.

I am sure other members here will guide the new member like me if needed by way of commenting on our post, so that we can rectify the mistake if any we made here.

It is bit difficult I believe to write the post/article here containing minimum 280 words to publish on this site. But what I feel writing the article with minimum 280 words means we can share lots many different things in our articles which sure other members will like and appreciate when they read the same.

Let’s join hand hand here and visit, read and leave our comment on the other members articles and create some sort of bonding between each other to work like family members here.

God Bless you all my friends here.

NOTE:- Image have been clicked by me