UFO’s Real or Not?

054I have seen that there is a considerable discussion about Aliens. I thought I would tell of our UFO watches. We have some friends that live in a small town southwest of us. We travel together alot, and have had some exciting adventures. On several accusations we have gone to a roadside park not far away and set watching the sky. It sets on a hill overlooking a beautiful valley. There are no city light to inter-fer with the sky. And on nights when there is no Moon the Stars are spectacular. On this one night as we setback watching,, we saw the Satellite that passes over going from the Northwest to the Southeast. Then, I am not sure but I believer we saw the Space Station. Have not checked to see just what the orbit is for it. As we watched it pass over, Dan said,” Look, over to the South!” He pointed it out to us and as we watched, what looked like a faint star, began to move across the sky. Then, it changed directions, moving at right angles, then back. It zig-zaged across the sky for several minutes then it disappeared, without a tract. We searched the sky, thinking it would reappear. But, never did. As the night got later we saw nothing else of interest. Till we started to gather up our chairs. My wife was standing beside the Van and said, “Over there!” And point to the horizon. Just above the trees we saw looked like an airplane. It moved across the horizon far a while, then went straight up, very fast, towards the place where the other light disappeared. And stopped, and was gone.