The easiest way to be controversial

Can you guess what i am talking about? Yes, in today’s world if anybody want to be famous or infamous, Facebook is there for him or her. And obviously there is a lucrative topics reserved for them and it is Religion. Most of the bastards  take this as a granted to use the way they feel like. They are distorting it, giving new dimensions to it, slandering rumors and so on.  However, Women and sex  are also good topics in this regard but religion plaguing  the social media nowadays. But Religious remarks and topics somehow above than all.

Actually some idiots taking this as an issue. They think that if they utter something irrelevant  they people will get them at some point. In other words they are becoming the attention seeker. But there are some atheists also making some adolescence comments and remarks about religion and hurting the image and emotion of certain communities in a greater extent. In this process social anomalies are on the rise and these bastards are mainly responsible for this. Because people are very much sensitive about religion and they are targeting the emotion of them.

I don’t find any clue why people hurt others by making such idiotic acts. As these idiots are causing social vices and order, their activities should be monitored and should be taker stern steps against them by the authorities. Yes they hold the right to say anything, but that is in a positive and normative way. Not in a way, that hurt society. Along with this, there are some hypocrites residing in our societies. These hypocrites are also should be criticized and admonished. However, at the end of the note i want to say Happy Social Networking to all.