The beginning of a new writing journey?

As like with others perhaps, I came across this email, with an unfamiliar name of what appeared to be a writing site.  I stared at it puzzled, as to why it didn’t go to my spam box.  At first my, instincts, where to just delete and continue on with going through my email.  Having been burnt by so many writing sites in the past, with never receiving my payment, I really had no interest in going down that road once again.  Since legitimate writing sites, appeared to vanish, I found myself going back to PTC sites, to  make some pocket change. So far I’ve done fairly well with a few. And because of that I never looked back, nor researched to find something else.

However I couldn’t dismiss, the fact a void had been created, when I stopped writing. Social media outlets helped fill that void to some degree, but were never really quite enough. I, as a person, was always someone with a need for self expression. I’ve even contemplated returning to another site, which is still up and running, but getting to cash out even with the funds still listed in my bank, looked like a near impossibility. Which may explain why so many of the topics there are run of the mill. Not that I dismiss people sharing thier everyday lives, but some post seem to run on, like a bot was writing them, just for the sake of having something to write. With the alternate goal of getting to that payment.

Now as to why I decided to check out this site. Curiosity and perhaps, or perhaps not, to fill a void. So far from what I can see here ( I really haven’t probed around to much) I’m left almost feeling like this is familiar territory. Kinda makes me hesitate to go much further. Who ever sent that email for this site, had to already had my email. So what’s the connection, if anyone knows, of this site and to another? I found that this site isn’t that new. Not according to a quick Google search. Is this site a name change from another? I can’t help but feel like I’m still on another site that went bust. But I do know that there are temp plates out there, that anyone setting up a site can use. So familiarity isn’t a given that it’s necessarily run by previous owners of another site. Hence why I’m taking a gamble here. If anyone can answer my questions, I would be grateful. Doesn’t appear to be any information on this site as to who runs this show.