My Top Seven US Sites

In my many travels across the United States, I have seen some magnificent sites. Although it was a difficult task to say the least, I have tried to narrow them down to the top seven, and have ranked them from the least to most spectacular, although they are all spectacular in their own way. At number seven, I have Ocean Drive South Beach Miami. Although only about a quarter of mile in length, this trendy strip features on one side the stylish art deco architecture famous in the the golden age of America in the 1920-40’s, and the other side, the beautiful sandy white beaches and blue green ocean waves of the Atlantic Ocean. While the drive is splendid during the daytime, you really have to see it at night to fully appreciate the splendor of the art deco style.

Number six belongs to The Statue Of Liberty, the number one most recognizable symbol of the United States stands tall on Ellis Island overlooking the Manhattan skyline; a true beacon for centuries of immigrants. I have viewed Lady Liberty twice, once from the Staten Island Ferry, and once flying into New York en-route to Canada. At number five, I have California’s Monterrey Peninsula, and particularly the 17 mile drive along the scenic Pebble Beach golf course including the iconic Cypress point and seals basking on the rocks in the Pacific Ocean. A little further up the coast is my number four attraction the 3- mile wonder, the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, which links San Francisco to Marin County.

I have ranked Colorado’s Pike’s Peak at number three, rising 8,000 feet above the city of Colorado Springs, it is accessible only by the park’s cog railroad, featuring some magnificent views like the one pictured in this essay. At number two, I have ranked Niagara Falls, which I have only seen from the Canadian side. Viewing the three waterfalls from the tallest observation point is a truly breathtaking experience. Finally, my number one site is the magnificent Grand Canyon. It is impossible to describe the scope and scale of this incredible landmark, which would take days to fully explore. Photographs do not fully capture the grandeur of the truly captivating vistas that make the Grant Canyon my number one most spectacular site in America.