Money? Real? Quick? How to earn money real quick?

How to earn money real quick?  I know most of us if not everyone want to earn money so bad. The quicker, the more pleasure you will have LOL. Well, here are some of ideas you can try to have money so fast.




Not only that you will earn money instantly, you will also become an instant billionare. Hence you need some luck, or maybe a lot of luck for you to win.




Have a walk in some dark place or streets and wait untill you see someone who looks rich or someone holding a phone or wearing jewelries. Walk gently towards him/her then grab the phone or jewelries and run away like a freaking ninja. You can also talk at his/her back and tell that person na to turn around or else he will be resting in peace really soon. Then ask for money politely as sign of respect. LOL.

Note: Be sure no one is watching or will notice


Quick money


Well this is only applicable if you are a business man or someone who was expecting a big amount on you bank account coming from different big name customets. But if all you have is a bank account, or worse you dont even have an account, then what you need ti do is wear a cap, jackets on, shoud out loud and raise a gun.

Note: The magic words are “everyone don’t move or else I will kill you all”

Real quick money

Here are just some tips I can share you. Well this requires some guts, I mean lots of guts for you to succeed on these plans.


P.S. I hope no one will turn into a criminal after reading this post. Please do not do these if you are not a professional.


Hope you enjoy reading these tips LOL.