The Beauty is in You – Lessons from a Blind Friend

I would like to thank JennyHeart for inspiring me to write this one.  After reading her post Hairstyles and You I got that spark to hit the keyboard.  Yes, it is all about beauty within.

Everyone is beautiful.  Some see it immediately while others take time to uncover their gifts.  But we have to understand that beauty is more than just the outward representation of ourselves.  It is what is within us that truly matters.

Lessons from a blind person

I have a friend who was born without eyesight.  In spite of what may seem to be a difficult situation she is full of vigor.  She sees life like to other person can see…and let me remind you she is blind.  She got married several years back to a wonderful man.  Her friends told her that she scored really well with the catch.  And some women swooned over her husband.  They told her that her husband was a hottie.  And she told her that she knows.  So curiously I asked her how she knew he was a hottie.  I was waiting for some really naughty response from her but what I got was something more profound.  She told me that she knew he was beautiful because he made her feel beautiful.  He also takes care for me more beyond what is needed.  But most of all he loves me.  So yes, my friend is really sure that he married the perfect guy.

While others see the physical my friend is lucky enough to see beyond what the eyes can perceive.  And in many instances we forget that beauty is already within each of us.  We simply have to let it out.  Likewise, we need to see beyond the obvious.

Beauty is surprisingly common.  We just fail to see it.  Whether we fail to see the beauty within ourselves or in others, we all have to take the time to do so.  Sometimes we need to close our eyes in order to find the real beauty within ourselves and within others.

Beauty is in You.  But don’t take my word for it.  discover for yourself.