Again a rainy morning. Lorraine! You made my day special

Hi guys. i hope you all had a great day. I haven’t slept last night. I woke up in 12.00am and now its 8.00am in India.

As you know its 2nd day of rain in India. Lol! Even yesterday I didn’t go to college. Even though the rain is on, we guys go to the nearest ground and play football. Today I don’t think i should go there. Due to this rain the ground will be muddy as we play in red ground. The chances of getting wounded will be very high in rainy days.

Even though it’s  heavy rain in here, i am enjoying my life. My friend from USA is a great source of comfort to me. I share my views and all my experience with her. She is a mother and is aged and i am just off 19. But we talk like friends. Even in India, i never had such a great friend. She is supportive and her experience helps her to guide me. i wrote this post to show gratitude towards her. She send me 20$ PayPal money last day. I never asked her the money.  We haven’t seen each other. In this greedy society, I am seeing such a person for the first time.

i asked her the same question that why did she send me 20$. Her reply really wondered me. She said that she gives her money to others. She even told me that “Even Jesus tells to give others what you have”.

Today morning i called her and she was very happy that i got the money. I am looking forward for a job in US after my studies.

I am interestingly watching the guy named “Carlos”. He is superactive in here. I am glad that he helps this society to develop much more with his valuable contributions.