I Am A Proud Nerd

I have always been a nerd.  And I am not ashamed nor afraid to to proclaim this.  I got teased a lot when growing up because I wore glasses at a young age.  I was small (I still am) and many bullied me.  But these bullying never really bothered me.

I am a nerd with varied interests.  Sure I played Dungeons and Dragons back then.  And I used to be a great dungeon master..  I read Lord of the Rings years before it was turned into a successful movie.  I did scientific researches at age of14 which caught the attention of my biology teacher.  I ultimately became her student assistant.  I used to recite the amino acids alphabetically as a stress reliever.  Yup, I was ( and still am ) a nerd.  But apart from the geeky stuff, I played the guitar and played in a band.  I dig lots of wicked guitar licks back then.  We playeda variety of genres from Songs in the 60’s ( which me teachers loved) to rock and heavy metal (which many did head banging).  I enjoy Pearl Jam and Nirvana the most – I love grunge.  I practiced Aikido, Judo and Jiu Jitsu around 12 years old.  I competed in numerous tournaments – lost some, won some.  I used to do lots of oil paintings, charcoal drawings and even a few water color pieces.  I went mountain climbing and acquired the love for rock climbing and wall climbing.  All these from a nerd.

In high school, I never really had a hard day I’ve being a nerd.  Some try to tease or bully me, but it did not work out well for them.  It is easy to pick on some smaller, with glasses or who read a lot in the library.  But those who knew me knew better to tease or bully me.

Being labeled a “nerd” used to be disparaging.  It is a societal label borne out of ignorance and a poor sense of what it valuable in life. Many “nerds” are now successful.  They are the ones who in spite of ridicule for their way of life continue to  excel.  That in spite of being bullied, they continue to have a steadfast heart.  Be kind to the nerds.  Who knows, they may just rule the world in the future.  LOL!

Sure call me a nerd.  After all I am a proud herd by heart.