Thank You Note (6/11/2015)


Today I am thankful for-

  • I am thankful for a long conversation with my friend Saloni. We both are facing some challenging times and we turn to each other for support. She lives in another city but whenever we need each other, we are just a call away. I am really grateful for her friendship all these years.
  • I am thankful for today’s darshan of Sri Sri Radha Madhav in the local iskcon temple this evening.
  • I am thankful for the opportunity of offering deepa (earthern lamp) to Lord Damodara during the auscpicious month of Kartika. I go to the temple everyday in the evening, attend the arti and then recite damodarashtakam during the deepadan in the temple. I offer deepa to the Lord and stay there listening to the blissful satsang till 8 pm when the temple closes.
  • I am thankful for doing my daily sixteen rounds of chanting the mahamantra. It brings so much peace.
  • I am thankful for this platform to express my thoughts online.
  • I am thankful for meeting Supriya at the temple. We had a long chat and she discussed a lot of her botherations with me. Talking to her I realised that ups and downs are in everyone’s life. We look at other people and judge them outwardly but we never know what they are going through and how many sorrows they have hidden behind their smile.
  • I am thankful for presence of my Guruji. He taught me to have a firm faith and surrender to the divine.
  • I am thankful for my supportive parents.
  • I am thankful for everything that God has blessed me with. I complain about my life at times but still I am so much better than so many. I cannot thank God enough for everything that he has blessed me with.