Trouble sleeping

Normally, I sleep pretty well, and have no trouble sleeping at all.  Most of the time I sleep so soundly that the next day if someone asks me something like: “Man, did you hear all of that thunder last night?”  My answer is something like “No.” or “What thunder?”

Sometimes, though, maybe about once a month, even when I think I’m tired when I get into bed,  I can’t sleep.

Last night was one of those nights.  I came to bed early, as I’d done a lot that day and thought I was tired, but after about fifteen minutes (more or less) of lying in bed, I was not sleeping, nor did I feel like sleeping.

I got up and was on the computer trying to write and playing some games, hoping that it would make me tired.  At one point, I also went to the kitchen and made some tea.

While I never did feel really tired, after some time on the computer and drinking my tea, I decided to try to go back to sleep again.  That was around–one?  Maybe two?  I remember hearing the clock strike midnight when I was up on the computer, but I don’t remember any other times it struck.

While my head is a bit foggy, I am getting a bit of writing done–I even managed to write a poem and post it on another site, so I thank the Lord for that !

This morning I also managed to vacuum the living room for Mom, which she asked me to do before she left to go to the grocery store (she had come in around eight a.m., not long after I woke up, to tell me that she was going).  Before vacuuming I walked my dog, Angel.

My lack of sleep will probably “hit” me later this afternoon.

Do you ever have trouble sleeping?  Do you have a method of getting yourself to sleep?