How to stop smoking? Having a big problem with this.

As a mother and a wife it is my responsibility to maintain a good healthy living in our home. My conscience keeps haunting me to quit smoking, however it is so hard for me to do it especially when I am bored and problematic. I have tried twice to quit smoking and that is way back years ago. The first attempt was successful, it just happened that I’ve decided to quit but, months passed I was tempted so I started to smoke again and when my Doctor said that it is only a small chance for me to get pregnant due to my vice so again, I’ve decided to quit but I suffered withdrawal syndrome for three months. However, that was successful as I got pregnant to our second child. Two years passed after I gave birth I smoke again and also due to the environment of my work as a consultant in a BPO company. Until now, I am smoking and having a problem on how to quit it all the way because I noticed it affect me and my children. I told my husband about it since he is also a smoker and encouraged him to plan also so we can both quit smoking. Nowadays, it is so hard to be in this kind of vice if you have children and when they saw you smoke because it might lead them to smoke too when they get old or in their teenage years. The most reason why I wrote this to get some ideas or the best ways on how to stop that won’t affect me much like going through again a withdrawal syndrome like coughing too much that take 2-3 months and I am also worried about the health inside our house especially for our children. Any ideas might help me a lot.