Why “sweetness” can make a long lasting relationship?

 For a two couple, love is the basic recipe to make a long lasting relationship. Love conquers all, but it does’t mean that only love is the important recipe to make a relationship worked. In 11 years of being married, I have noticed that one of the common word but rare for some other couples is “sweetness”. Being sweet to each other consistently can somehow make or help us to end a fight right away. That’s if one or both couple have it and apply it right away.  I’ll give you an example on how it can be a big help. We all know women have a mood swing most especially during their periods, so sometimes it can’t be prevented but one of the basic and the common remedy for that is when the partner will have patience to understand it, also saying sweet words and show sweetness like comforting her can really be a big help. In my own thoughts, Love is not just the very important in a relationship, but being sweet to each other can also make love more stronger in a couple. Everytime I had a bad day and yes I do remember how my husband loves me so much but, sometimes it is not just enough for me, and when he noticed that he started to show his sweetness towards me and it really made my day. I know every woman and even men would love to have a sweet partners to show them how important they are to them. So whoever can read this try to apply it to yourself and don’t hesitate to share it to your partners so they will be aware of it that being sweet can also be a big factor to make a relationship worked well and last.