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Tulsi or basil leaves is a traditional plant found in almost every Indian household. Since ancient times, it has mean used for its medicinal properties. Basil has a lot of medicinal properties, and it is use today as well. Not only its leaves are helpful but its whole part is useful. Its leaves, stem and root, everything is used as medicine. Its a great ingredient used in herbal and ayurvedic products and medicine. From clearing the skin to reducing stress, tulsi is like a whole body tonic that helps you stay fit and healthy. Here i would like to share some few benefits of basil.

1- Basil has amazing purifying properties. It helps your skin cells to remain nourished and glowing. It also prevents the development of acne and blemishes on the skin. In ayurveda, this herb is also useful in other skin problems like ring worms and leucoderma. It also helps in reducing itchiness of the scalp and hair fall. Chewing basil leaves, drinking its juice, or even mixing its paste to a face pack can help treating skin and hair problems.

2- Basil leaves consist of various compounds of antioxidants. They contain essential oils that produce eugenol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllene. These components have a great affect on diabetes together. They help pancreatic beta cells that store and release insulin to function properly. This helps increasing your sensitivity to insulin and helps you control sugar levels naturally.

3- Basil also helps in relieving headaches which are caused due to sinusitis, allergies, cold or even migraines mainly due to its decongestant properties. It also acts as a natural pain killer. If you are having a huge headache, boil some water with basil leaves, and then cool it at room temperature. Dip a small towel in it and place on your forehead for treating headache.

4- Basil has powerful germicidal, fungicidal and antibacterial property. So by acting on these germs, it prevents fever caused by these germs. In ayurved, people having fever are strongly advised to have a decoction made from basil leaves. Today i want to share a tip relating to this; boil some basil leaves with cardamom in half liter of water. The proportion of basil and cardamom powder should be 1:0.3. Boil the water that much so that it get reduced to half the water. Now add this decoction to sugar and milk. Sip it every two to three hours.