Smart Phone vs. Wife or Husband vs. Social Life

Are you more attached to your computer or phone than you are to your wife or husband?

How much time do people spend actually communicating with their wife or husband? What about the children? How do you communicate with your kids? Do you spend more time texting him or her than you do talking when you are together? Do your kids text you in the morning that they have plans after school, or do they come to the breakfast table and tell you? Do you keep your smart phone on the table while you eat, and allow it to interrupt your meal? Do you pause eating while replying to a text?

How about going to a restaurant, do you put a conversation with the person you’re with on hold while you answer a call or reply to a text?

Is this what we really expected from modern technology and smart phones ? What about family time? Why is it that the whole family eats meals at different times or at different locations? What ever happened to coming home from work, sitting down at the dinner table and eating together as a family ?

In the mornings, why can’t the family wake up an extra half-hour early to spend time together as a family and eat breakfast together and talk about their plans for the day? Then the weekends come along and kids have plans to be anywhere other than spending quality time at home. There’s after school activities, and sports, and time to spend with friends, but what about family. Whatever happened to good old fashioned family values and being centered around your own flesh and blood. Isn’t that what family is supposed to be about? I know it was when I grew up.

Are smart phone really any good for society and our social lives? Do people even believe in social communication any more?