10 things every girl should know in her 20’s!!

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Today i want discuss an important topic which is very crucial in a girls life. The age of 20 is very important period in a girls life. Its the time of total change in the life. In this age girls starts to be independent and completes their graduation. They step out to the world and face it. This is the actual time when the girls are actually GROWN UP. The age of 20 is the most enjoying period of a girls life. So today i want to discuss those things which a girl should know at this age:

1- LEARN HOW TO MANAGE YOUR BUDGET- At this age, girls needs increases and they are more concerned of their look and needs. So its very important to manage your budget. You should understand the basic needs and fun needs and manage it.

2- INTERVIEW LIKE BOSS- It is the time when girls try to make their career and search out opportunities. So this is the time to search opportunities and face interviews. So being a good interviewer will create an impact on your personality.

3- KEEP YOU SKIN YOUNG- At this age its very important to keep your skin beautiful. This is the we call post acne or pre-wrinkle period. At this age its really important to take precautions to make your skin flawless and beautiful.

4- CHERISH YOUR FRIENDSHIP- This is the age in which we think that friends are more close than our family members. We share everything with our close friends and so is good to take the friendship to extreme ways and cherish is more and more. This will make you feel happy.

5- DRESS TO IMPRESS- This is the age when your body is fully developed and you do experiments with your outfits. You should try different types of clothes which suits your body, not only out of fashion. There should be no restrictions on clothes to wear because this is only time we can feel ourselves and our body shape and figure.

6- DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE- This is the time when people say that we are making mistakes but its important for girls to learn lessons from the mistakes instead of doing it twice or feeling down. Either its your relationship or job, just move on and learn lesson from it.

7- SPEAK UP FOR YOURSELF- This is the actual time of you independence and its very important for you to know when and how to speak for yourself. Its very important to take stand against the bad things happening to you. If you don’t speak nothing will change and it goes on and you have to suffer. So to live your life to the fullest and fulfill your desire its important to speak up.

8- TAKE A COMPLIMENT- We say that being confidence is very important in life and plays crucial role to lead life so its important to learn how to take a compliment. When someone says that you are looking beautiful, don’t forget to say thanks rather than being shocked or surprised and if needed give a smile and blush a little. This shows your confidence.

9- YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE RIGHT- At this age its really hard to understand what to do and what not do to. Life becomes confusing. But its not necessary to always be right. Sometimes we should become selfish to save our relations with others. Its important to know when to speak up for yourself and when to back away.

10- DON’T LOOSE THE CHILD IN YOU- This is very important point to be remembered by everyone in this age, not only girls. Apart from savings, taking right decisions, having self confidence, its also important to be yourself. Don’t ever loose your character, what you actually are. Enjoy your life to the fullest, go crazy with your friends and have fun.