Singapore Thailand – Veena World experience

Dear All,     


We had gone to Singapore Thailand tour through Veena World from 6th May 2018 to 13th May 2018.


We had good reviews about Veena World so we availed your service. However, it was a big disappointment.


On the very first day, we weren’t given drinking water bottle. We were told that even washroom water in Singapore is safe for drinking. When people argued then from the 2nd day we got drinking water. It’s very disgusting on part of Veena World to tell people that even washroom water is safe for drinking in Singapore.


Food in the entire tour was not good. We don’t expect excellent Indian Food outside India. But every day we were served the same food. Also, there used to be a long queue for food. Every time after getting down from the bus we had to run to avoid the queue. 3-4 Veena World Groups used to be in the same restaurant for lunch and dinner leading to a long queue. We got an experience as if we are standing in a queue outside the temple for prasad. We invested our money in this tour with u to get good experience not to stand in a queue for food. Also, the restaurants where lunch and dinner were served were not of a good standard. When we reached Bangkok we were taken for dinner in one restaurant in a mall.


Grand Bella Hotel where we stayed in Pattaya was pathetic. We never expected this hotel from Veena World. The hotel rooms were stinking. There were cockroaches in the room and washroom. When we complained baygon was sprayed in the room, as a result, all the cockroaches came out on the bed as well. At night around 10.30-11, we again complained and got our rooms changed. There are so many good hotels in Pattaya. Grand Bella hotel is cheap as compared to other hotels in Pattaya.


Overall we had a disgusting experience, we have wasted our money by choosing Veena World for the Tour.


People choose Veena World to get good service, Good Food, good hotels and to stay without tension outside India. However, we didn’t get good service, good food, good hotels.