Save the blue whale and save yourself from the new blue whale..!Prove that you are not weak.

Trends are changing . That is very normal.But the new trends are quite abnormal.The latest and arguably the worst ‘trend’is blue whale.Na..Na , I am not talking about the animal that you start stopping your kid from going out to the sea .
Blue whale and harmful..?
Interestingly , the most potential danger blue whale resides in your home itself , in that device on which you are currently reading this . This small box can lead your child to suicide – to killing your ownself.Actually , the criminal is not that particular person who made this app . The criminal is our weak mind . This weak mind is a curse for this society . We have become slaves . Maybe not physically but yes, mentally .A slave to money. A slave to society . A slave to peer pressure. A slave to..our desires, our expectations . We cannot endure any kind of pain .
Is this the evolution we have seen ? The progress we have made? Our bearing power has become zero . Absolutely zero.A bit of disturbance in life and what we choose – killing ourself. All you need is a small trigger and we break down. Do harm to ourself .
Why I want to ask? Can we not endure a little pain? Are we so weak? And this new way. Do this task and that task. Keep uploading videos . Pictures. Rather last pictures. Get yourself a tatto . Come live on facebook . Before jumping off from the window . Surrendering yourself to dear death .
Well , actually if you see humans have changed . Once they used to wish and pray that they lived as long as possible . They performed ritual , ceremonies and what not. Just to add a few years to their lives.And now.. 😏😏

    .Times certainly do change.