Ilogical Facts to Criticise Sachin

For all the Trolls About Sachin attending RS Assembly section here is what he have did as an RS Nominated MP.


So Performing as an MP Is not Good but Attending Session is what Makes One Good?

Ok alright he has an Poor Attendance But These Educated Fools who Trolls him in Social networks knows the Difference Between an Elected MP and Honary Nominated MP? I do see few Bhakths thinks he is an Congress MP just bcoz He was Nominated under their Rule. He is not Part of Congress nor BJP or Any other Party.

This Honary MP Nomination is for what they achieve in their field and has nothing to do with Politics.

Like Sachin Actress Rekha and Few More nominated for the Same and did nothing.

Sachin even Refused MP Bungalow alloted to him citing he might not attend Full Session but nobody bats an Eye for all that. ¬†All these Educated Warriors who Troll Sachin doesnt even know Who their Area MP is and How many Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha MP seats their State holds? Without even knowing if Sachin enjoys Freebies Blabber everything bcoz that gets them the attention they looking for…

Is promoting your own movie a sin??
Here i like to Mention 2 more things Who Troll Sachin.. 1st Promoting his movie.. Well i have no Hesitation to say its Dhoni fans who troll Sachin for that and it would be better if they google and Find How agreesive Dhoni promoted his Film and infront of that What Sachin did is still lesser.. Today right from Rajinikanth or SRK in Bollywood to Vijay Surya And Vijay sethupathi in Kollywood Needs Promotion of their films and I dont understand what Sachin alone did is sin to many bcoz he Promoted his Film

And there comes the next Group but but Dravid is Better than Sachin daw and Gentleman daw Group.. With Due Respect to Dravid he is an Great player but Sachin is Greater.. I should post an Seperate Post on this one that what all Even Sachin did to his Team and Not Jus Dravid for the Matter.. To put it Simple Sachin always way Ahead of Dravid in ODI’s and If you Talk about Tests.. Well Sachin has 6 hundreds in Australia to that of Dravid’s 1,Sachin has 4 Hundreds in England where Dravid bettered him with 6,Sachin has 5 Hundreds in SA but Dravid got just 1,Its Two each in NZ and these are the Records of Both in Tough Oversea Conditions.. Probably Sachin doesnt have that Luck like Dravid Who had an AJIT AGARKAR to Pick 6 Wickets in that Adelaide Test so Dravid conisdered to be an Better Match winner than Sachin with just that sole Test Hundred in Australia.