Rest and Relaxation for the Busy Parent

Being a parent means rest and relaxation can be difficult to enjoy.  Well, that is no really true.  Even when having toddlers around, parents can still sneak in some rest and relaxation.  It is a matter of knowing how to find it in your busy schedule.

Rest and relaxation while your child is sleeping

One of the biggest joys of having your child sleep is the fact that you can also rest and relax.  This is so true in our case since our daughter takes a nap in the afternoon and she has a regular sleeping time.  Having regular nap and sleeping times means parents can also have a regular resting and resting times. Of course when the kids sleep we can do other things like work and household chores.  And when everything is done, you can just chill and enjoy some time for yourself.

Play time is rest and relaxation time

Depending on what you can consider rest and relaxation, play time can be one of those pleasure times for yourself.  Although we are actively engaged when we p;lay with our child, it seems like rest time because we do activities that we also love – drawing and painting.

School time

When you child goes to school then this is some time for yourself.  Our daughter goes to preschool so it gives us around 3 hours of some alone time.  Of course when you are working then during the school time you will be at work. But if you work at home then it is some rest and relaxation time.

Alternate rest and relaxation time

Another strategy is to take turns watching the child.  This really works for my wife and I since we do not have any nanny or house help.  While one attends to the needs of our child the other can do some chores.  Also, while one play or does some activity with our daughter we can rest and relax.  But it is important to understand that doing things as a family is also important.  So having a good schedule that balances alone time and family time is essential.

Let us face it, we love spending time with our kids.  But there are moments when we need some alone time or some special time with your spouse.  Squeezing this in your busy schedule seems difficult.  However, there are moments where you can just give to yourself and to your spouse.  Finding even just a few minutes for rest and relaxation is important.  Let us remember that being a parent is 24/7 and you need to recharge and take a breather every now and then.