My Exercise for today…

Since we discovered that it existed, Mom and I have tried to take my dog to the dog park every Thursday.

Most times I have sat on a bench with mom or gone here and there visiting with other dogs and their owners.

Recently someone told me that the path that goes around the dog park is a quarter of a mile long.  So of course,  four times around the trail equals a mile. 😉  So, I decided to walk around that trail four times every time we went to the dog park.  Today was the third time that I have done that.

I am not very physical person, and walking Angel for our two walks a day and any house work that I do is mainly my exercise for the day.  Walking an extra mile on Thursdays is my only “planned” exercise that I come home feeling a bit tired from.  Though I probably should do it anyway, I am going to put off the dusting that I was going to to today until tomorrow–or, more than likely this weekend.

Lots of people, if you are like me cannot afford a gym membership, and/or do not have time to even go to a gym, especially if there is not a gym / fitness center / whatever in  the place where you live.  So, we find other ways to get our excersise.  My “exercise routine” (though for me a lot of it is more “random” than “routine” is walking my dog twice every day, any house work that needs doing, and now making a point of walking a mile around the trail at the dog park on Thursdays.

Do you have a regular exercise routine?  If you don’t belong to / can’t afford a gym membership, what sorts of things do you do to make sure that  you get some exercise in?