” Official ” and ” Not Official ” — and Birthdays .

Yesterday was my birthday.  However, because my mother and I were watching my nephew yesterday (it being Wednesday) the only ” official ” thing I did birthday wise was open my presents and have cake.

The other thing that I normally do on my birthday (for me an ” offical ” birthday thing) is go out to dinner to have lobster. 😉  For one, my nephew wears my mother out, and two, people who wanted to be there with us couldn’t do so until today.  So, I will be having my ” official ” birthday dinner tonight. 😉

I have had lobster for my birthday dinner since I was ten.  My tenth birthday is actually when I had lobster for the first time. 😉  I like seafood, but lobster’s my favorite.  It’s rich, though, so I probably shouldn’t have it more than once a year. ;p

For those of you who might be wondering (or, maybe you’re not, that’s okay, too) I turned forty-five yesterday.  No big deal.  My brain/mind stopped maturing at seventeen, as I may have said here before–though my body often reminds me that I am no longer seventeen physically. ;p

Today, Mom and I are going to the dog park this morning, then when we come home, she is going to sew and I am going to write–hopefully both on the writing sites that I’m on, and my fan fiction.   I didn’t get much of any writing done yesterday due to my nephew being here. 😉  He’s one busy little guy, and since he’s growing out of needing to take a nap, time to ourselves is not something that Mom and I get while he’s here.

Do you have any traditions that you have for your birthday? 🙂

I hope that you all have a wonderful day/evening/et cetera in your part of Sky Pip land !