Of Doors, Windows and Handles

So, they placed handles on all doors windows and cupboards.

“It is easier to find the cupboards,” the merchant said happily. His wife agreed for she always wanted lots of space to put all the things away. She always had so many things that sometimes the world stopped to let her catch up with them.

“It makes sense to have handles since we too have legs and hands,” said the tailor. He was happy that the windows and doors were now handled.

The issue came to light when the town supplier came to the mayor with the news that he had excess amounts of short pieces of steel for which he had no use.

So they held a meeting in the city council hall. All the dignitaries were there, the merchants, the heads of institutions, the representatives of various offices and concerns. They were there to give their ideas.

“We can make rings and use it for ‘Ring the rod’ game.”

“We can beat it flat and make shoes for the cows and horses.”

“We need it to make chains for the prisoners.”

There were no end of ideas. The secretary was too busy making notes of all the things that the people were putting forward. This went on until one bright young lad who ran the flower shop suddenly came up with the idea of making the iron bars into handles.

The matter was settled then. They were going to make them all into handles. Big handles, small handles, stylish handles, plain handles and handles with designs — they were all going to be there.

People were breaking in to a song and dance. Suddenly the carpenter came into the hall. He was all out of breath.

“We do not have enough doors and windows for all those handles!”