Newspaper and Worldwide Search in Gomasumu

So they were all in a fritz.

It was a terrible situation in the land of Gomasumu. It was the days before the newspaper, the telegraph, the radio and telephone. “Call everyone you can and get their help.” The village headman was literally shaking.

They initiated search teams under the oceans, they put men on the moon (perhaps you have heard of it). They even searched the North Pole and South Pole. But at that time the mission was highly secretive in nature. The media (jungle drums) did not know about it.

They then went to the darkest forest and checked in the forbidden caves. They even climbed the tallest mountains in the world to find a small clue anything that would lead them in the right direction

They then got the help of the monkeys and they began to chatter. They swung and they groomed but even they did not have any idea where to look.

It was at this juncture that one world team who were distributing aid came to that village. They saw all the hectic excitement among the villagers and decided to investigate.

They tried to corner the dogs and find out what the matter was. But the dogs were too fast for them to stop. Then they tried to find out what the scene was from the monkeys. But they were chattering too loudly for them to decipher the talk.

As a last resort, they approached the village headman.

“What is all the noise about? What are the people searching?”

“It is a serious matter,” said the headman. “That is why everyone is rushing around to find the truth.” The world team eagerly waited for the words coming out from the mouth of the headman.

“We still have no news about who discovered the newspaper and where they discovered it.”

“How can we know the news if we have no newspaper?”