Respecting More Than A Contract

Respecting what you have agreed with another person is a must. This is where trust is built. Respecting a contract is more than the contract itself and each one of us must be aware of this.

We are all accustomed to enter agreements which are bonded by contracts. We are often required to read, understand and know everything about them before we sign whether with a builder to construct a house, with the department store when we purchase an appliance and even when we borrow money or have some loans. Contracts, whether formal or informal specify the consequences if one of the parties involved fails to meet up to what was agreed upon.

When we enter into an agreement, we also put our trust for everything which is involved therein. However, we do really more than just sign a contract. We also enter into a binding relationship with the parties concerned whereby the consequences are more than of committing ourselves to something more than an agreement.It is very important when we expect to stay longer in the field or make the relationship work for a long time. When we fail to do this, we must expect that the results will not be favorable at all. At some points, trouble with the existing law comes next and the least place you can be at is either in court defending yourself or worst inside a jail.

Contracts can be broken if one parties fail to keep his part of the promise. Fortunately or unfortunately, our commitment to be a man of his word is more than some legal agreement we make with people. We also talk about building a relationship with full trust. And though at some point we feel so secure because of that relationship, we also have to try and show compassion the reason why a certain person fails to meet up with the agreement. It is our duty as a servant of God to show compassion especially if the reasons are valid enough for reconsideration.