The course they called Computer Science

Hello everyone! My name is Francis Esparagoza and I am new here at Skypip! I hope  I will enjoy writing my feelings and other things that would help me make the rest of my stay here in Skypip more of something to be shared of. I would like to share what type of course I am pursuing right now. It is called Computer Science. Now what exactly is it? It is when you are creating a program where you need to have more of a logical thinker and plays like a translator between a computer that only understands machine language. When we say machine language, it can only understand the 1 and 0. Also called the binary numbers or the on and off numbers.

At first I was like so much attracted to technology because I was a gamer too. I really love having computer games with my fellow gamers either it be online or in the offline such as with my friends and classmates. The field of computer science is not only a typical one programming out of nothing. You need to have critical thinking skills and algorithm twisting to have a good program and even a system that you could be proud of. I am already in the fourth year of my course and I could say that I already made a milestone in my life after 2 shifting of course. Good thing they credit my other subjects from my past schools. All I could say is this, more and more are in the trend of technology. It is a good thing to sink your kids into good technology learning and other things such as programming. Not only it has the highest paid salary of today but also learning is fun!